Seeking Photographers’ Submissions

To be considered for the FSA collection, you must be a film photographer, which means shooting film and either scanning the negatives or slides, or printing and then scanning the print.

I’ve always been inspired by the work of the FSA photographers and the fact that Roy Stryker gave them a platform to go out and document the hardships of American life. We are in a similar situation right now with our own hardships and I cannot help but think that we are often not able to see the difficulty based on what is shown in the media versus what is really happening in rural and urban America.

So my goal is to show what a poor child’s birthday party is like today, or a rich kids’ pool party.  What does it look like to be a farm worker or someone who works in a slaughter house.  Or the CEO of a company or its Vice President–what does their commute look like, especially if it’s by air?  What does it look like to live in a gated community versus a poor dilapidated neighborhood?

I want to encourage you as documentary photographers to seek out neighbors that perhaps you don’t know and tell them that you’re photographing for the Roy Stryker FSA Film Photography Project and explain to them that it is an online project documenting American life in the current time, like the FSA photography project of the early 1900s.

Submissions can be sent for consideration to the collection with this form.  There is a $4 suggested donation to help administer the site, if that’s possible.

Photographers will be invited to join the project roster and featured on the Photographer page based on the quality of their submissions.

Photographers retain the rights to all their images.

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