Types of Documentary Photographs

It’s a good idea to have a sense of what I’m looking for to comprise this collection.

I am looking for photographs from every U.S. state.

I am looking for documentary photographs–events, happenings, people and places. And every kind of person.  Young and old.  Straight and gay.  Thin and fat.  Anyone at all–everyone qualifies if they’re living their life authentically and you are documenting them.

I am looking for storytelling photographs with accurate caption information.

I am looking for journalistic photographs–real people, unposed, not photoshopped, which is one of the reasons for the film requirement.

I am looking for amazing quality images that deliver an emotional punch.

I am not looking for posed smiling looking-at-the-camera portraits.  Like this photo below is a fine photograph, just not a documentary photograph for the collection.

Woman posing at home of a friend, Boulder Colorado, 2017 (Leica M3 35mm) Kenneth Wajda Photographer

But some documentary portraits do qualify.  If they are of a certain kind of person, reveal fashion styles, or some other storytelling element, then they may be included.  There are portraits in The Collection presently.  This boy working at his parents restaurant says something about families and work.

Young server at Sagebrush Breakfast Cafe, Crested Butte Colorado, 2015 (Rolleiflex 120) Kenneth Wajda Photographer

This photograph is a much better storytelling photograph of the woman in the top posed photograph, as she’s engaged with another person, and there are cars that will help date the image.

Woman and her Mother, talking while seated on car, Longmont Colorado, 2017 (Rolleiflex 120) Kenneth Wajda Photographer

The more the collection builds the more we will see the style it takes on.

I am very supportive of any photographer who’s documenting life that maybe I’m not even anticipating.  That’s the magic of the collection.

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