Meet Jeff Botts, Lexington KY

I live in Lexington, KY and shoot mainly older/iconic businesses as well as just ‘scenes’ from some smaller towns in the area. Examples: Oldest theater in Lexington, Main Streets from some smaller towns, a few Drive-Ins, etc.

Maybe one day my images will fill in the gaps of some history of the area.  I have access to just about any event in Lexington. I’m originally from eastern KY so I have relatives, and I know many people from rural areas. I shoot both color and B/W film. I process my own B/W and scan the negatives. I shoot in 135 and 120 formats.

–Jeff Botts

img187 (4000x2492)
Free Street Library, Lexington, Kentucky, 2017 (Nikon FE 50mm) Jeff Botts Photographer


Street Artist, Lexington, Kentucky, 2016 (Nikon F2A 50mm) Jeff Botts Photographer

img195 (3168x4000)
Parkette Drive-In, Lexington, Kentucky, 2016 (Mamiya RB67 90mm) Jeff Botts Photographer

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