The Need For Images

We live in a world that seems to be overrun with images.  There are photographs made and shared on social media, including 350,000 images per minute on Facebook alone.

That’s a lot of photographs and information, but the quantity of images is both a positive and a negative thing.  Sure, it’s a lot of photographs, but what is the quality, how do we manage that quantity of photos, how do we keep the important ones from getting lost in the deluge, and what is the objectivity of the photographs?

Of them, what’s being shared and learned from?  If someone posts their lunch and their vacation photos only, can we really learn anything about them, other than what they want to portray to the world?  That life is good and happy?

The need for quality images, a curated collection like ours, is specifically aiming to do just that–gather important photographs from all 50 states to tell the story of Americans.  To document the good times and the tough times.  Robert Frank didn’t only photograph people smiling and being happy.  Nor did the FSA photographers.

We need to document real life, with authenticity and truth.  That’s what we’re really creating with our photography collection.

Authenticity and truth!


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