The Way We Are, The Way We Were

This project strives to ‘Show America to Americans’, and that’s an important goal if we are not aware of who we are, and have misconceptions about each other.  We are documenting The Way We Are.

There’s a Reddit group called The Way We Were and there’s an interesting look to a time gone by.  In a sense, the ordinary documentary photographs of today become the extraordinary look back of tomorrow.  A sort of time travel.

“Look, those cars still had wheels.” 

“That’s how they do that in the west?”

As documentary photographers, we are the windows to the world of both today and tomorrow.  Shoot carefully.  Imagine you could go back 50 years to 1967 and shoot something.  What would it be?

Shoot today as if you’re traveling back from 2067.  That’s who will be looking at these photographs then.

Colorado Springs circa 1910. “Exchange National Bank Building, Tejon Street.” 5×7 inch dry plate glass negative by William Henry Jackson.

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