The Great American Road Trip

Do we still love the road like we used to?  Back when cars and roads were first made, there were drive-ins and motor hotels (motels).  There was window-side food.

Does the road trip still instill the same sense of adventure as it used to be?  Or is it even more so?

With air travel more uncomfortable than it’s ever has been, I find myself traveling more by car than by air.  I’ve crossed the country twice in the last two years and headed back on the road soon.

John Edwin Mason has a good write up of the FSA photographers and the idea of the Great American Road Trip.

Dorothea Lange Photographer:  On U.S. 99. in Kern County on the Tehachapi Ridge. Migrants travel seasonally back and forth between Imperial Valley and the San Joaquin Valley over this ridge.  February, 1939.

What will driverless cars do to the adventure on the road?  What will become of the road trip?

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