Now Accepting Photo Submissions from Digital Photographers

“The times, they are a-changin'” ~ Bob Dylan

With all things come change.  And the Roy Stryker project is headed in a new direction for 2018.

Since January 1, 2018, on a trial basis, the project has opened the submissions to digital shooters creating documentary photographs.

Why WAS it Film only?

For one thing, film photographers tend to be a different kind of photographer.  By limiting the project to only film photographers, we were looking to draw more serious photographers who would create powerful, meaningful images, and who are already working with an archival medium.

Digital Documentary Photographers



NEW FOR 2018 – Digital submissions are permitted from documentary photographers producing quality unaltered photographs.

Unaltered Photographs Only

No image manipulation is allowed other than tone, color and contrast adjustments, the same as required by news departments at major media organizations–United Press International, Associated Press, Reuters and Agence France Presse.

No High Dynamic Range (HDR) photographs will be accepted.  RAW/JPG files (to check image integrity) may be requested in the event of a concern of an altered photograph, and WILL be required for inclusion in the book–there is zero tolerance for manipulated images.

Photographers maintain all rights to their photographs. Any inquiries for usage rights by newspapers or magazines will be sent directly to the photographer.

By submitting a photograph, the Roy Stryker Project is granted usage rights to the photograph for posting online on the Roy Stryker Web Site and for its Book Project only, should it be chosen for inclusion.

[The Roy Stryker project reserves the right to revoke the acceptance of digital submissions at any time should there be concerns of image manipulation. The primary concern of the project is truth and integrity and the rules regarding digital submissions are subject to change.]

Happy New Year!


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