Meet Jeff Botts, Lexington KY

I live in Lexington, KY and shoot mainly older/iconic businesses as well as just 'scenes' from some smaller towns in the area. Examples: Oldest theater in Lexington, Main Streets from some smaller towns, a few Drive-Ins, etc. Maybe one day my images will fill in the gaps of some history of the area.  I have... Continue Reading →

Types of Documentary Photographs

It's a good idea to have a sense of what I'm looking for to comprise this collection. I am looking for photographs from every U.S. state. I am looking for documentary photographs--events, happenings, people and places. And every kind of person.  Young and old.  Straight and gay.  Thin and fat.  Anyone at all--everyone qualifies if... Continue Reading →

Adding to The Collection

The photographs that are part of this collection are documentary photographs of normal life, shot on film.  Black and white is not required, but it's what I have added so far. There is a gallery of photographs with captions--The Collection--to show how the photos will be added to the site and what the caption information... Continue Reading →

FSA Photographs Gallery at NYTimes

There is a wonderful story featuring the FSA photographers work on the NY TIMES Lens Blog.  This blog is a must-read for all photographers, as it's always inspiring and features work from the best photojournalists working around the world. The photographs from the FSA photography collection in the Library of Congress are valuable because they... Continue Reading →

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