The Need For Images

We live in a world that seems to be overrun with images.  There are photographs made and shared on social media, including 350,000 images per minute on Facebook alone. That's a lot of photographs and information, but the quantity of images is both a positive and a negative thing.  Sure, it's a lot of photographs,... Continue Reading →

Photo Needs – Idea List

Here's a list of some of the photos we need in the collection. Interiors of stores, businesses, churches, restaurants. People on Main Street wherever you are. People on secondary streets off Main Street. Local events - parades, concerts, races, sports and activities. Home birthday parties, kids being put to bed, TV rooms, computer rooms. People... Continue Reading →

What’s In, What’s Out

You know what's going to be the hardest part of the project?  Curating photographs and rejecting some work. Because the collection has to be strong--it can't just allow anything in.  So, what's in and what's out? Primarily, the photographs need to show people. Engaged in their lives.  Ordinary and extraordinary. Work and play.  Home and... Continue Reading →

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