We Document America Not Because We Know What It’s Like But To Find Out What It’s Like

When I started this photo collection project, it was my intention to document America, and show America to Americans, but not from the point of view that I knew what she looks like.

I made it out of curiosity, to see what we are, and by turning the lens on ourselves, we will have a better view and get to know who we are, strengths and weaknesses.

This weekend’s violence is a good example of extremism, but it’s not from some outside group that came to our country.  It’s a part of us.  Those white supremacists can’t go home because they are home.

And that’s what we need to see, on film, in photographs.

We are a land of freedom, and that includes free speech, so it’s not to prohibit any hate group from speaking–everyone is free to voice their opinion, that’s what America is about.  But seeing hatred so clearly demonstrated is also something we can’t turn away from, but must be willing to look at.

A van parked at Coot Lake in Boulder County, Colorado covered in bumper stickers, August 11, 2017 (Nikon F100 35mm) Kenneth Wajda Photographer



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